Engaging readers with research through visual narrative.
I am a freelance illustrator and science communicator specialising in using the visual and narrative power of comics to explore themes of science, nature, history, and belief.
I create artwork using traditional illustrative pen-and-ink and digital media to make clear, dynamic, and expressive images with a focus on design and composition. I have over a decade's experience representing complex ideas both accurately and creatively.
I'm an Associate Lecturer in Science Communication at the University of the West of England and an author and referee in The Journal of Science Communication. My work has featured in the London Natural History Museum, Bristol Museums, the World Health Organization, BBC Science Focus, Physics World, Slate, Science for the People, Nautilus, The Nib, Skeptical Inquirer, and several comic anthologies - including The Most Important Comic Book on Earth: Stories to Save the World from DK Publishing.
I was the Life of Breath project manager at the University of Bristol (2017-19) where I facilitated interdisciplinary research and public engagement, and artist for the Eisner-nominated comic series Hocus Pocus: Magic, Mystery & The Mind with psychologist and magician Richard Wiseman (now published as a hardback collected edition). I'm a regular contributor to Stated Clearly animations on genetics, evolution and chemistry and to MedMaster "Made Ridiculously Simple" medical textbooks.
I sound Canadian but live in Bristol, UK.
Client & Collaborator Feedback

"Jordan is one of the most talented scientific illustrators I have met. His comic book style is gorgeous. He will be an asset to your project!"  -Arnold Bosman (Transmissible)
"Jordan is a great illustrator with a special talent for science topics. It was a great pleasure to work with him. He not only drew wonderful images but also contributed to shape the content of the course with nice ideas and suggestions."  -Massimiano Bucchi (Professor of Science, Technology & Society at the University of Trento)
"From work ethic to skills to creativity to personality, Jordan is a real pleasure to work with. A number of our 'Made Ridiculously Simple' medical book illustrations were injected with new life with Jordan's brilliant touches. He took the time to understand each medical drawing, offered creative touches to enhance a number of concepts of these illustrations for greater understanding for readers, and tied them all together to create magnificent pieces of medical art. His work process is very organized, he is excellent with timetables, and is always extremely responsive in a timely manner. I hate to share this gem named Jordan Collver but he should be used by anyone who can get him."  -Michael Goldberg (MedMaster Medical Publishing)
"I am amazed by how you adapted my work into comic form! When this whole process started, I was excited for the possibilities. But this is far better—the work you’ve done is far more impactful—than anything I imagined. One of my goals as an academic is to make my research accessible to everyone, and what you have done here has turned that goal into reality. A million thank yous!!" -Felicia Rhapsody Lopez (Assistant Professor of Literatures, Languages, and Cultures at University of California Merced)
"His artwork is spectacular. On top of this, Jordan is very easy to work with. He starts each project by making sure he fully understands what I want, and how his work will fit into the overall production. His number one priority is that the final product is a success."  -Jon Perry (Stated Clearly)
“A creative dynamo who was also prepared to put in the hard work in getting the details of the project just right, from the exact wording of copy, to the layout of illustrations, the result is a professional comic that has been loved by all who have read it!”  -Alexander Hall (Science & Religion: Exploring the Spectrum)

"In his work on my project he was a creative force, a fantastic team member, great communicator, and extremely invovled and caring. I couldn't recommend him more warmly."  -Prof Havi Carel (Life of Breath Project)

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