A short wildlife fable created in collaboration with Rewilding UK for the Rewriting Extinction anthology "The Most Important Comic Book on Earth: Stories to Save the World" from DK Publishing. Written by Rik Worth (2020).
An info-comic about a fascinating psychological phenomenon based on the paper "Seeing Jesus in toast: Neural and behavioral correlates of face pareidolia." Created as part of my science communication MSc at the University of the West of England (2017).
A strip for The Nib's "Burden of Proof: Four Cartoonists on Communicating Science in the Current Political Climate" featured ahead of The March for Science (2017).
A brief introduction to the ever-useful principle of Occam’s Razor, or “the law of parsimony”. Written by Rik Worth (2017).
A short "symmetrical" comic (mirrored front to back) created as a preview for a undeveloped project exploring the unlikely friendship and rivalry of Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle. Written by Rik Worth (2014).
A comic for The Nib exploring the apocalyptic philosophies of controversial media figure and former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon. Written by Rik Worth (2017).
A personal tribute to Carl Sagan (2012).
Panels 1-3 adapted from a 1966 televised interview with Thornton Page (in the eye patch) hosted by Walter Cronkite. All other text comes from the Cosmos series written by Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan and Steven Soter, and other works by Sagan. They are used here for strictly non-profit and educational/entertainment purposes and remain the property of the respective copyright owner(s).
An homage to pioneering illusionist Jerry Andrus, originally appearing in Skeptical Inquirer (winter 2016).
A political satire comic originally appearing in "The Corbyn Comic Book" anthology from Self Made Hero. Written by Rik Worth (2017).
An homage to "Superman" originally appearing in the 2015 Thought Bubble Anthology from Image Comics. Written by Rik Worth (2015).
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